Germ Attack  v.1.0

When germs attack the human body, a super anti-body like you fights the germs to the death. Fight the germs in 60 levels of match game play! Each level requires more and more columns or rows.


Germ Defense  v.

Don’t be taken ill and suffer through it. FIGHT BACK!!! Destroy germs as they try to invade the body. Place towers to stave off the Common cold, Hay fever and the tenacious Gingivitis. -15 Afflictions to fight -3 Bonus conditions to conquer -1

Infexious  v.

Get down with the sickness! Wipe out the germs in this fast paced addictive puzzler Encounter crazy special germs! - The volatile spikey germ - The disgusting spitter germ - The ravenous sucker germ Three exciting game modes! - Play against the

CellFighter  v.2 5

CellFighter is a strategy game developed by Sergey Ya. Startsev. The game is an extension of Conway's Game of Life. In your screen you have a battlefield composed of a huge grid.

TrainPlotter  v.1 3

TrainPlotter decodes, displays and plots radio data transmissions between Trains and Controllers coded in accordance with UIC (INTERNATIONAL UNION OF RAILWAYS) protocol UIC 751-3 in the 460 MHz band, as used in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germ

Learn To Speak French  v.3 1

Learn To Speak French is specially developed for people who are learning a new language. It includes 678 scenes of common conversation and 2924 words of basic vocabulary.

Excel Convert Files From English To German and German To English Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to convert Excel files from English to German and German to English.

Flash flip book theme of Life  v.1.0

The new online flash book template pack of life style shows you how charm our nature life is.

Short `n Sweet  v.1.0

You *can* have candy conversation hearts with a custom motto.

Heartknots  v.1.0

Jamie McCanless returns with five heart-shaped Celtic knots for those whose love so deeply entangles the small roots of their hearts that even the strongest wind that blows shall not separate them (thus John Long described "Indian courtship" in Canad

Warpen Folders  v.1.0

Warpen Folders is an icon set of colorful folders.

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